Looking For A Preschool For Your Child? 2 Qualities You Should Look For

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When you start looking for a preschool, you need to make sure you choose the right one for your child. To help you there are many qualities you should look for to ensure your child is ready for kindergarten. Below are two of these qualities so you can get your child enrolled. Teach Social and Physical Development Two important areas of preschool are social and physical development. With social development, your child needs to know how to work well with others.

25 October 2018

What Every USMC Mortarman Needs To Know About Building College Credits


One of the benefits that draws young adults into military service is the new GI Bill. Military service members who serve four or more years are eligible for the new GI Bill. Another benefit is that, while serving in the military, service members are able to obtain college credits, both from taking classes and from transferring their military occupational training to college credits.  This is also true for infantry positions in the United States Marine Corps, including mortarman.

24 July 2018

Summer Programs For Kids That Will Really Make A Difference

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Many parents care about making sure that their children get as much enrichment as possible throughout their early lives, and this makes sense. Given the rate at which children absorb information and how critical the first years of life really are, it's important to choose the best and most efficient educational programs. Programs that use Montessori educational principles can be especially valuable.  Montessori Summer Classes There are many different programs that subtly or blatantly use the techniques associated with the Montessori educational model.

7 May 2018

3 Teacher Benefits Of Classroom Observations

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If you are like many educators, you might dread classroom observations. After all, it can be easy to get nervous during these observations, and you could worry about things like how your observation could affect your job. However, you should know that classroom observations aren't all bad, and they can have benefits for teachers. These are a few of the benefits. 1. Ensure You're Providing Your Students with the Best Education

31 January 2018