Looking For A Preschool For Your Child? 2 Qualities You Should Look For

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When you start looking for a preschool, you need to make sure you choose the right one for your child. To help you there are many qualities you should look for to ensure your child is ready for kindergarten. Below are two of these qualities so you can get your child enrolled.

Teach Social and Physical Development

Two important areas of preschool are social and physical development. With social development, your child needs to know how to work well with others. For example, if they have been at home with you up until now, they may not have a good social development. To help with this, the preschool should help your child play with other kids and learn how to respect them. The preschool teacher may have activities set up where the children work together in a group. During playtime, children will interact with each other. This is a great time to learn how to share, how to speak with other kids, and more.

For physical development, the preschool you choose should offer a variety of activities that make the children get up and move, such as running outside, playing ball, and doing jump rope. Getting the children to move will help them be much more psychically active, which in turn can help them feel better and do better at school.

Teach in Several Subject Areas

There are many subject areas the school should teach including:


Even though your child may not be old enough to learn how to read, they can start learning to read simple words. They can then build on these words to increase their knowledge of reading. The teacher may start out with one letter of the alphabet and teach the children how the letter sounds and show images of things the letter stands for, such as B for ball, C for cat, etc.


Along with reading, your child will start to learn writing in preschool. The school should provide the children with crayons, markers, pencils, and paper and ask them to write letters they are able to. This gets your child used to using the writing utensils. The teacher may ask the children to spell words by how they sound. The teacher can then build on this to teach the children to write the words correctly.


In the beginning, the children will be taught how to recognize numbers and how to count items. Your child may be given items like buttons or blocks, and asked to count them, sort them, make patterns with them, and more. You can help with this at home by asking your children to count items during the day.

Talk with several preschools in your area to help you make the right choice.


25 October 2018

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