What Every USMC Mortarman Needs To Know About Building College Credits


One of the benefits that draws young adults into military service is the new GI Bill. Military service members who serve four or more years are eligible for the new GI Bill. Another benefit is that, while serving in the military, service members are able to obtain college credits, both from taking classes and from transferring their military occupational training to college credits. 

This is also true for infantry positions in the United States Marine Corps, including mortarman. While mortarman doesn't seem like a job that would transfer well to the civilian sector, it definitely can if Marines take full advantage of what they are offered. Here's what every Marine mortarman needs to know. 

Mortarman skills & training translates to civilian jobs 

Through training in the School of Infantry and the skills acquired during ongoing duties, mortarman are able to become law enforcement officers, security guards, hazardous material removal experts, and other types of explosives workers. 

In order to set yourself up for a smooth transition, participate in USMAP (United Services Military Apprenticeship Program). This civilian apprenticeship program enhances your job skills and, when you finish the program, you will be given a certificate of completion, which is nationally recognized. 

Transferring military training to college credits 

You can transfer the skills acquired from the apprenticeship program to college credits, which will allow you to attain an associate or bachelor degree. In fact, you can earn as many as 60 college credits from your apprenticeship. During boot camp at Parris Island or San Diego, you went through extensive physical fitness training that can be transferred to college credits. 

Additionally, you can transfer other training in the Marine Corps to college credits by having your MOS training and other training evaluated by the American Council of Education. However, be sure to select a military friendly university or college that recognizes the hard work you did during recruit training as you were becoming a Marine, as well as School of Infantry and any other MOS training you acquire. 

Another thing you can do to build up your credits is to test out of some of the requirements. Earning credits by taking exams is a great option for those who are currently serving as well as those who are veterans. Most of these types of exams are offered through online universities and colleges, particularly ones that advertise as being military friendly and service member orientated.


24 July 2018

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