What Every USMC Mortarman Needs To Know About Building College Credits


One of the benefits that draws young adults into military service is the new GI Bill. Military service members who serve four or more years are eligible for the new GI Bill. Another benefit is that, while serving in the military, service members are able to obtain college credits, both from taking classes and from transferring their military occupational training to college credits.  This is also true for infantry positions in the United States Marine Corps, including mortarman.

24 July 2018

How To Prepare For Your Future When You Don't Want To Go To College


Are you one of those individuals who was totally relieved when high school graduation was over and high school was a thing of the past? If so, you are probably not very interested in going to college or to a university. You are probably trying to decide on what you want to do for your future, as you realize that you'll need a means of providing for yourself and for your own family, even if you don't have one already.

30 August 2017