3 Uses Of Virtual Reality In Job Training

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Virtually reality (VR) is a important component when training people for various job functions. One of the major benefits is employees have the opportunity to enhance their skills using simulation before their training affects real people. There are several career fields where VR is making a significant impact on training.

Minimally-Invasive Surgery

More major surgeries are being performed laparoscopically, which can significantly reduce blood loss, healing time, and complication rates. Additionally, interventional radiology is a field of medicine frequently used to perform vascular procedures without large incisions. Both minimally-invasive surgery and interventional radiology are often performed without direct visualization by the practitioner. VR is useful for helping medical students and residents become more accustomed to maneuvering instruments inside the human body, while looking on a monitor. The challenge for many doctors is adapting to seeing a 2D image on a screen, while maneuvering instruments in a 3D space. VR gives them enhanced training before practicing on cadavers or participating in their first procedure.

Combat Simulation

VR is popular in military training because there is little military personnel can do to prepare for life-threatening situations. Although military personnel practice and train regularly for deployments and combat missions, being in a war zone or hostile territory is different. Some of the scenarios military personnel may train for is looking for threats when on the ground and quickly discerning whether a person is a threat. Similarly, VR is useful for training military personnel who may fly aircraft or work on ships and submarines. This type of training can teach them how to handle attacks or mechanical problems when split-second decisions are needed.

Work Environments

Training with VR can be used in environments that are more commonplace. For example, workplace issues, such as sensitivity training, hiring, and workplace violence can all be addressed by using virtual environment. Creating realistic scenarios where the participant can engage with a virtual person and see their body language and hear the person talk will yield more accurate training than simply reading a scenario on paper. This is important when instructing employees on how to respond to issues, such as sexual harassment or intimidation. Furthermore, VR can be used to identify problems, such as biases in people who are responsible for hiring employees or act as supervisors, which could warrant further training.

VR is an important tool when training people to work in various environments. Having more realistic training provides the opportunity to spot problems before they are encountered in real-world scenarios.


1 September 2017

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