3 Tips For Arranging A First Aid Class For Your Youth Organization

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If you are the leader of a youth organization, you may want to set up a time for your participants to take a first aid class together. A thorough understanding of first aid can help your youth participants feel more confident and prepare them for emergency situations. Additionally, first aid certification is required for many youth jobs such as being a babysitter, lifeguard, or camp counselor. If you think your youth organization members will benefit from a first aid class, follow the tips below for setting one up. 

Prepare Your Youth Members for the Class

Your youth members will get the most out of the first aid course if they are prepared for it. While most basic first aid courses are intended to instruct participants who have little or no first aid skills, you should still prepare your participants mentally. Talk about why they will benefit from the course and which situations they think they will use their new skills in. Additionally, talk about what level of participation and respect will be required for the course to be beneficial for everyone involved. By getting your kids excited in advance, they will most likely pay more attention and attend the course excited to learn. 

Send Consent Forms Home Early 

Many organizations that offer first aid training require permission from guardians if the participants are under 18. If you need consent forms, make sure you ask for a copy several weeks before the class is scheduled. That way, you will have time to follow up directly with parents if their child forgets to return the form. It also allows for discussions with any parents who may be unsure of whether they want their child to take the course.  

Ask About Group Discounts

First aid courses can be expensive, but many organizations offer discounts for groups of a certain size or groups that have a non-profit goal. Talk to the leader of the course about any discounts available. Alternatively, you may want to take some time to fund raise in the community to help reduce the cost for members of your group if the course may be too expensive for some of your members. 

A first aid class can be an interesting introduction to emergency situations, medical attention, and taking care of yourself and others. Make sure you follow your first aid course with more interesting activities related to what your kids have learned to help solidify their new skills and knowledge. For more information about classes, reach out to organizations like the American Heart Association - AED $40 CPR LLC - Certification Training Classes.


29 August 2017

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