3 Important Reasons to Learn ASL

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Are you having trouble finding work? Are you looking for ways to improve your employment prospects? One thing that can open up employment opportunities for many people is learning a new language. But not everyone has the ability to deal with trying to learn how to actually speak Spanish, French, or other languages that may first come to mind. But there is another option: ASL. There are a number of reasons why you might want to learn how to do ASL, some of which include:

ASL is a complete language: If you've never looked into ASL before, you might think that it's basic and primitive. That there is no way to have "real" conversations in ASL. This is a common misconception and is entirely untrue. As you learn how to do ASL, you may be surprised to find out just how full and how rich the language is. ASL is a full range of motions, gestures, and facial expressions that are all put together to make whole sentences and conversations. Once you start to learn the language, you'll be amazed by what you've been missing.

More employment opportunities: There are many different types jobs where you have to interact with the public, such as working retail, being a receptionist, a server at a restaurant, and more. While some of these may not be your dream job, it'll definitely be easier to land one if you can better communicate with the customers. Once you learn how to do ASL, you'll likely discover that there are areas and stores around you where Deaf and hard of hearing people prefer to visit. If you are unable to talk to these customers, you're unlikely to be hired at one of these places. Knowing ASL, however, can open many doors.

Expand your mind: If you don't have a personal reason to learn how to do ASL beyond the professional benefits, it can be difficult to stick with the lessons. Fortunately, one of the best reasons why you should learn another language, even ASL, is that it improves your brain. While you are learning new visual phrases and ways of expressing yourself, your brain is making new connections within itself. Learning another language can ultimately result in a slowdown of the cognitive decline that many seniors face.

Although you may still have decades to go before you're a senior, learning ASL as a second language now can almost certainly help improve the quality of that portion of your life. To start learning ASL today, contact services such as ASL DEAFined.


24 August 2017

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